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Der Weg zur Innovation

“Outthink Innovation” – this year‘s theme attracted over 100 participants from various business fields such as innovation management, market research, design, marketing, research & development from different industries to the DRDS conference #4 in Hamburg.

They all were able to take new knowledge for their own daily businesses from exciting lectures on best-cases examples from successful companies like Lego, Whirlpool or Airbus and, even more so, from the interactive workshops. Besides all of these possibilities, they had plenty of time for networking.

How it is possible to master the chaos of opportunities within innovation processes and to manage innovation successfully, and which tools and methods help to overcome the uncertainties of the Innovation Journey and illuminate the blind spots, were answered this year by:

Speakers 2017

Dr. Nancy Tennant, Adjunct Professor Innovation, University of Chicago & University of Notre Dame
Hector Paris Ayala Garcia, Senior Manager Market Research, Etihad Airways
David Gram, Former Senior Innovation Director Creative Play Lab, Lego
Dr. Markus Durstewitz, Head of Innovation Methods and Tools, Airbus
Kevin Bethune, Vice President Strategic Design, BCG Digital Ventures
Professor Dr. Marc Gruber, Vice President Innovation/Professor für Entrepreneurship & Technology Commercialization, EPFL
Adrian Ulrich, Managing Director and Head of Innovation and Environment Division, Hamburg Chamber of Commerce
Ingmar Höhmann, Moderator & Editor, Harvard Business Manager
Maria Krüger, Innovation & Research Manager, TOI – Tools of Innovators
Alessandro Brandolisio, Innovation Specialist, TOI – Tools of Innovators
Arnd von Romatowski, Managing Director, mc market-consult
Geoff Hildbrand, Strategic planner and design researcher, mc markt-consult

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INDEED’s vision is to establish design as the single most effective steward of our being human in the computational age. Embracing advanced technologies, they combine business savvy with this vision and the creativity needed to thrive in a globally connected world.

Based on a no-bullshit, highly collaborative approach, INDEED’s multi cultural team of designers, innovation specialists, engineers and business strategists translates complexity into smart, surprisingly simple products and services. Thus helping companies such as Melitta, Wagner, Freudenberg, KABA and Beiersdorf, as well as international corporations like Airbus, the Linde Group and Turkish industrial group Eczacibasi innovate in the computational age.

Karel J. Golta, founder & managing director:
“Design research and design strategy are indispensable if we want to facilitate commercially successful innovations. Bringing leading minds together, getting inspired and swapping thoughts on the ideas presented afterwards: that’s what encourages this kind of development – and precisely what the Design Research & Design Strategy Conference offers in compact form.”


mc markt-consult helps companies shape the human-brand-product relationship. For clients like Philips, Ideal Standard, Bayer Health Care, Nivea and Melitta, the institute investigates what influences this relationship during the purchase process and beyond: design. Because design is relationship, interaction and interface all rolled into one – and therefore a great deal more than just aesthetics and ergonomics.

Arnd von Romatowski, managing partner:
“Design research isn’t just a channel for testing and a feedback loop for design strategy. It is an explorative and evolutionary process and therefore also an innovation tool that provides important input, ideas and inspiration for design strategy. Communicating this in a vivid and down-to-earth way calls for experts who can speak from experience – and that’s exactly what anyone who attends the Design Research & Design Strategy Conference can look forward to.”








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Wie man FBI-Profiling im Design Thinking einsetzt

planung & analyse
Von Profilern und Marktforschern

design report

On the basis of concrete case studies, executives from Europe, the USA and China reveal how design research has enabled them to develop relevant design strategies and thus lay the foundations for change, growth and innovation. Get inspired by new approaches and methods from real-life corporate practice and boost your own innovativeness!

All over the world, design research and design strategy are becoming an increasingly important factor for commercial success. The application of both disciplines provides the basis for the successful evolution of technologies, products and services – and ultimately of the company itself.

Terms like ‘design-driven companies’, ‘design thinking’ and ‘human-centred design’ have long since conquered the boardroom and fostering the company’s innovation culture is seen as the ideal way to master future challenges successfully.

So how do pioneers in various sectors go about it? What can we learn from them? Where do you start, and which methods have proved particularly effective in real-life practice?

The Design Research & Design Strategy Conference provides clear-cut answers to these questions and considers the very latest insights on the topic from a realistic perspective.

Speakers 2016

Dr. Carsten Brosda, Staatsrat für Kultur, Medien und Digitales, Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg
Philip Hambach, Director Global Consumer Strategy & Insights, Adidas AG
Markus Klopfer, Senior Manager Global Consumer Strategy & Insights, Adidas AG
Johnson Li, Executive Design Director, Lenovo
Mark Safarik, Criminal Profiler, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Jens Andersson, Design Lead, Philips Consumer Lifestyle
Philipp Thesen, Senior Vice President Design Deutschen Telekom AG
Maria Krüger, Innovation & Research Manager, INDEED Innovation
Armin Kreiner­Norkūnas, Head of Innovation & Design Management, INDEED Innovation
Arnd von Romatowski, Geschäftsführer, mc markt-consult
Geoffrey Hildbrand, Strategischer Planer und Designforscher, mc markt-consult


The varied and well-rounded programme at the second Design Research Day on 5 May 2015 met with an enthusiastic reception from the good one hundred attendees, who were only too keen to take an active part in the event and join in the lively discussions. The topics presented dealt with the necessity for companies to transform and the importance of design and design research within the transformation processes involved – and proved equally fascinating for marketing and innovation experts, strategists, designers and market researchers.

As the initiators, we are once again delighted to look back on an inspiring day full of fascinating lectures and talks. Our thanks to our excellent speakers, sponsors and media partners, but also to all who attended for their indispensable contribution to the success of the event!

Speakers 2015

Jenny Fleischer, Program Lead Global Business Unit Digital, Beiersdorf AG
Jeremy Abbett, Creative Evangelist, Google
Hanswerner Dreissigacker, Head of Frontrunner App Teams Global Design, SAP SE
Karel Golta, Geschäftsführer, Indeed Innovation
Karsten Henze, Leiter CI/CD, Deutsche Bahn AG
David Kuntzsch, Head of Marketing, ERCO
Dr. Stephan Langer, Senior Research Manager, Bayer Consumer Care Deutschland
Dr. Dag Piper, Global Head of Consumer Technical Insights, MARS Petcare
Christian Prill, Partner Brand Strategy, Factor Design
Lars Quadejacob, Chefredakteur, design report
Arnd von Romatowski, geschäftsführender Gesellschafter, mc markt-consult
Alessia Rullo, UX Team Lead, Hewlett Packard Barcelona
Sebastian Troll, Executive Director Marketing, RE/MAX Europe








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planung & analyse
design report
Research & Results

Photography: mc markt-consult


Fascinating empirical insights from the real-life business practices of diverse companies, a discussion amongst keen participants and, above all, the realisation that there is still a great deal more to be said about the topic of design research – that was the outcome of the first Design Research Day that took place in Hamburg on 20 March 2014.

As the initiators, we are delighted that the conference was such a success and would like to thank our speakers for their excellent contributions, our sponsors and media partners for their support and of course all those who attended for their enthusiastic participation. We look forward to a successful second edition of the event in 2015!

Speakers 2014

Adrian Ulrich, Deputy CEO, Chamber of Commerce Hamburg
Lutz Dietzold, CEO, German Design Council
Jildou de Raad, Senior Marketing Intelligence Manager, Philips Consumer Lifestyle
Geoffrey Hildbrand, Strategic Planner and Design Researcher, mc markt-consult
Jeff Zwerner, Vice President, Evernote
Peter Brooren, Brand Innovation Expert, unmet Innovation
Uwe Melichar,  Member of the Management, Factor Design
Benoit Jacob,  Head of Design, BMWi
Steve Daniels, Design Leadership Team, IBM
Dr. Eberhard Dziobek, Market Researcher, Bayer HealthCare GmbH
Dr. Ulrich Föhl, Professor of Psychological market research, Hochschule Pforzheim



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